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Sunday School


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Sunday School for all ages

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Adult Sunday School 

The Spiritual Lessons of the Parables        Lead by - Jordan Kalm
A parable is a story designed to illicit a comparison between it and real life while simultaneously teaching, in the case of Christ, an eternal lesson or principle. In this class we will, God willing, move past the "moral of the story" and explore these spiritual truths as God's elect. We will be using John MacArthur’s book, Parables: The Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Revealed Through the Stories Jesus Told. This will be available to purchase at church for $10.
Biblical Understanding of Forgiveness        Lead by - Pastor Troy Turner
The theology of forgiveness is critical, not only in understanding our faith, but also in the development and preservation of healthy relationships. In this class our first objective will be to develop a biblical understanding of forgiveness.  We will accomplish this by examining scripture for a model to be followed. Our second objective will be to compare this biblical model with what we currently find in our culture. We will be using Chris Braun’s book, Unpacking Forgiveness. This will be available to purchase at church for $15.
An Introduction to the Psalms        Lead by - Pastor Paul Gard
The Psalms is perhaps the most widely-read book of the Bible; yet many read them as individual Psalms without any sense of order or overarching theme. In this class we will explore the various genres of the Psalms and consider the Biblical, historical, and cultural backdrops to the numerous ‘songs’ of the Hebrew song book. We will also learn interpretive skills that you can use with other books of the Bible to increase your knowledge of God’s Word. This class will be using the book, Psalms By The Day: A New Devotional Translation by Alec Motyer and will be available to purchase at church  for $20.