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Lowly and Exalted King

Luke 19:28-40


'Wash, and be clean'

3 King 5:1-14

Extravagant Love

Jesus, the Bread of Life

John 6:22-29

A Crucial Contributor to Church Health

Various Texts


John 3:22-30

Boosting Our Assurance

Various Texts

Our Sin and Our Assurance

I Corinthians 3:1-15

The Root of Confusion

Various Texts

Until Then

Acts 1: 1-14

Obedient Mercy

Jeremiah 29:1-9

Scandal in Bethleheim

Various Texts

A Son is Given

Isaiah 9:1-7

Barriers to Assurance

Various Text

Trouble at the Table

1 Cor 11:17-34

Responding to a Dead Religion


Deception and Judgement


A Tale of Three Men

3 John 1:1-14

The Two Breads

John 6:1-15

Back to the Basics

John 3:16

Following Jesus

Following Christ in Mercy

Luke 10:25-37

The Elder

Various Text

The Elect Lady

2 John 1:1-13

Truth and Love

2 John 1:1-13

From the Heart

Philemon 1: 1-25